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Sing a bit
every day

Bring music back into your life! Even with a busy schedule, Flowra lets you fit 15 minutes of quality time into your day.

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Whether for your first YouTube cover or your next live gig in front of 1000 people, Flowra helps you to be 100% prepared.

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Grow from
good to great

Unleash the last 10% that make your singing performances stand out from the rest and take your career to the next level.


Your 15 minutes of the day to grow as a singer


Find Challenge

You can only get better as a singer if you constantly challenge yourself. Find singers who are better than you and learn from them.

Flowra collects inspiring performances from talented singers, so you don't have to search for them on YouTube.

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Set Focus

Don't practice songs from start to end, but focus on one small part at a time that needs work.

In Flowra, you can easily select the part you want to practice by clicking on the lines in the song lyrics.

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Flow Practice

Listen to how your hero performs the part. Record yourself singing the part. Review your recording and find things you can do better in the next run. Repeat.

Flowra automates this process to help you get into the flow while you practice.

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Everything you need
to practice singing

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  • Songs

    Practice your favorite songs. Find new inspiration from covers of talented artists.

  • Lyrics

    View the song lyrics during practice. Quickly navigate a song by clicking on a lyrics line.

  • Looping

    Loop the song part you want to practice. Study the little details that make the difference.

  • Recording

    Record yourself performing a song part. Directly compare it with other covers.

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